-Review- One Day Waiting - "The Key" EP

Hudson Valley, NY based rock/metal band One Day Waiting gets their "The Key" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Hudson Valley, NY
Sounds like: Rock/Metal

One Day Waiting has just released their EP and they're not messing around. "The Key" starts things off with the title track. The track is a slow build intro track that gives way to Breaking Benjamin/A Perfect Circle type instrumentation which leads into the second track. "Fear Itself" is the latest single from the band. They recently released a music video for the track and it's a track that really elevates the EP. The track is hard rock heaven. It's no wonder why the track is a single, it's THAT good. "Deadly Voices" turns things up. The track is fast and furious. The bass and drums mixed with the melody make this a stand out track. The dash of metal fits perfectly and draws comparisons to the top tier of early nu metal. The breakdown in the track is fit to destroy the pit. It's ferocious. "Break Free" takes things a different direction and brings things into a bit more of a southern metal vibe. There's tons of melody mixed with heaviness. It's a standout track for sure. The guitar solo in the track adds depth and is outstanding. "Rise" opens with acoustic clean singing which then opens up to a wall of hard rock sound that will engulf the listener. The track is the most radio friendly track on the EP with its continuous melody and more hard rock influence. That's not to say that things don't get heavy, because later in the track, it gets nuclear heavy. "Reflections" attacks right away with awesome instrumentation which then transitions into a melodic hard rock chorus. The crunchy vibes on the track has depth with solid guitar riffs and everything just works naturally. "Worse Than Death" along with the entire EP are an absolute juggernaut. The track closes out the EP with a signature One Day Waiting sound. Heavy, melodic, catchy and upper echelon of listening enjoyment.

One Day Waiting is hard rock infused with a dash of metal. Their unique sound is top notch and really separates themselves from the rest of the pack. Don't hesitate if you're a fan of the genre, don't wait one more day. One Day Waiting is a treat waiting for you to enjoy.