-Review- Altamadum - "Levels" Album

Altamadum has a really good full length album here. New music is on the horizon and we can't wait to hear it.

Thunder Bay, Canada based hard rock band Altamadum gets their "Levels" album reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Thunder Bay, Canada
Sounds like: Hard Rock

Thunder Bay, Canada hard rock act Altamadum is in the midst of making new music. We're going to revisit their most recent album "Levels" and see what this rockin' band is all about. "An Inexhaustable Voice" is an introduction track that opens with morse code audio which leads into an audio sample of William Faulkner's Noble Prize speech. The song picks up a marching pace alongside the sample as it finishes up. "Fallen Angels (Go Boom)" features some really good instrumentation. It's hard rock through and through as it has that crunch and swagger that will cater to fans of the genre. It's a fantastic opener that sets the bar high for the rest of the album. "Into The Void" is a hand banging good time of a track. The bouncy instrumentation will surely get that head bopping. The chorus is outstanding as it picks up the pace of the track of the track significantly. "Frozen In Stone" is a slow build track. It sounds like a 70's rock throwback track and it's something that really builds diversity on the album. Any fan of rock music should appreciate the track. "Noble Tragedy" picks things back up with that hard rock sound that was heard earlier on the previous tracks. It's an upbeat track that draws comparisons to Buckcherry. "A Curse Called Hope" would be great with a music video. This track has single written all over it. The catchy rock heard on the track is really amazing considering it's more than halfway through the album and the quality is still this high. "Not Alone Tonight" showcases the abilities of the band on a slower scale. The track is a ballad and it really stand out on the album. "Unsung Hero" opens with an audio clip of Pierre Trudeau and then transitions into a track that is as fast paced and similar to the earlier track "Fallen Angels (Go Boom)". "Lost In Space" is another hit in the making. The track is extremely catchy and should be on every rock fans' playlist. "Immortal" is an epic track. The track is over 11 minutes long and has just a crazy amount of qualities. The live show aspects of the track would make it a perfect closer for a show. It's tough to follow up the previous track but "Levels" closes out the album. The track wraps things up nicely with a slower, solid rock sound.

Altamadum has a really good full length album here. New music is on the horizon and we can't wait to hear it. The rock music scene is to be on high alert as Altamadum has just entered your radar.