-Review- Dead A Thousand Times - "Dirt Covered Smiles" EP

Oxfordshire, UK post hardcore band Dead A Thousand Times gets their "Dirt Covered Smiles" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Oxfordshire, UK
Sounds like: Post Hardcore

Dead A Thousand Times are aiming to bring their post hardcore sound to infect your eardrums with their recently released EP "Dirt Covered Smiles". "Gambitch" starts things off with ambient feedback which then breaks into a frenzy of Every Time I Die like chaos. The track is high tempo and doesn't let up for anything. This song will be destroying floors when played live, that's for sure. "INRI" keeps things going with its shades of later Poison The Well. While there are breakdowns, the melody and controlled chaos make the track packed with lots of great layers within its over four minute length. "Lucyfer" is a track that really shines. It's the shortest track on the EP but it packs the most punch. In contrast, the next track "Distant Birds And Bookworms" is the longest track clocking in at almost six and a half minutes. The track is a rockin' good time that knows when to crank things up a notch and tone it down. The track could be a b side off of the "Pass The Flask" album by The Bled. It's really really good and has a lot going for it. "Einstein Was Always Right About The Idiots" features a southern twang, gang chants, hand claps and melody that hasn't been heard in the prior tracks. The track is a stand out track as it's sure to be a fan favorite. "The D Is Silent" closes out the EP the way it started, a great time from start to finish.

Look for Dead A Thousand Times to be in the conversation of really good post hardcore bands coming up through the ranks. At six songs, this EP is a great introduction to the signature sound of Dead A Thousand Times. If you're a post hardcore fan, then it's a no brainer to add this to your collection.