-Review- The Skyway - "Flux Capacitor" Album

Houma, Louisiana progressive/emo rock band The Skyway gets their "Flux Capacitor" album reviewed. Read our take below.

From: Houma, LA
Sounds like: Progressive/Emo Rock

The Skyway have brought their form of progressive rock mixed with emo sound to their debut album "Flux Capacitor". "Argyle" opens up the album with an atmospheric/synth oriented intro track which is straight instrumental for the minute or so length. "Mr. Goodkat" starts off with a rocking beginning which leads into a progressive rock vibe. The track brings to mind Hawthorne Heights. It treads the line between rock and emo quite vividly. The guitar work near the end of the track is brilliant. "Killer Joe" draws comparisons to a Senses Fail track with its emo breakdowns and melodic vocals. It's short and sweet. "Paradox" is a rock song through and through which isn't a bad thing since their style makes it a song that you should love as a rock fan. "Archer" keeps up the high energy. The song is straight catchy and everything works perfectly. "Voicemail" is a certified single and shows why it was chosen to be. It really takes things up a notch and falls into a pop punk territory. The song has depth and really showcases what the band is truly capable of. "Judgement Night" is another single that was released and it too brings the goods. The track is more of a emo rock track than the previous single. The track could hold its own in a playlist alongside Circa Survive that's for sure. "Acey" closes things out with a high tempo, catchy as hell track. This track will be stuck in everyones' ears. Since it's a closer, it'll make the listener yearn for that much more after the fact. This EP is only the beginning for The Skyway.

The Skyway have made a solid album here. The production is spot on and the quality is something truly special. This album is full of singles and we wouldn't be surprised to see The Skyway put Louisiana on the emo rock map with this spectacular album.