-Review- More Than Most - "Impossible Is Temporary" EP

London, UK electro/rock band More Than Most gets their "Impossible Is Temporary" EP reviewed. Read our take below.

From: London, UK
Sounds like: Electro/Rock

If you've been listening, rock music from the UK has been brimming over with talent recently. Offpeak, Renegade & Retrospect, Silhouettes, Recruits, and now More Than Most have all brought the UK to a new higher level. "You're Not Alone" starts out with a synth laden intro which then erupts into a Linkin Park influence throughout the track. The track is phenomenal and really sets things off right away. "Remember Who You Are" is a fast tempo rock track riddled with synth here and there. The track really captivates in way of the incredibly catchy rock sound that they present. The gang vocals in the chorus along with the electronic breakdowns add an element of depth that few bands can pull off. "Save Me From Myself" treads into 30 Seconds To Mars territory with its more atmospheric arena rock sound. It's a track that has no flaws whatsoever and should be a fan favorite. "Nightmares" closes things out with a bang. The track is fast, hard and really shines with an early Panic At The Disco mixed with Pvris sound. It's a track and EP that brings out the exceptionally pure talent of the band.

More Than Most have an amazing EP here that along with their newest single "Feed The Fire" (which can be heard here) keeps the evolution rolling on their brilliant sound. Don't hesitate in checking these guys out. Big things are on the horizon for these guys for sure.