-Review- Castle Pines - "Summer Blood" Album

Castle Pines have the goods here that will bring the indie rock fans in droves.


From: Corona, CA
Sounds like: Indie Rock

Castle Pines have been around the California music scene for a few years now and with an explosive stage show that has built up their reputation, they're still hungry for that next new fan by way of their most recent offering. This album was released last year and will still garner new fans from the indie rock scene. "Derailed" opens things up with a catchy indie rock track that really pulsates tremendous energy and melody. The sound on the track sounds akin to Kings Of Leon. "Plastic Sky" takes the listener on a journey of a moody sound. The song draws comparisons to Arcade Fire but really stand out with its harsh emotion that boils over at times within. "Palm Springs" is a track that really is a nice driving on the highway in the summer track. It's bright, bold and an uplifting track. The track is comparable to Modest Mouse. "The Jetty" is a tad slower of a track and really explores the atmospheric side of the band. It still has a groovy melodic chorus and really adds layers of depth to the track. "Black Star Canyon" is an instrumental and it really is a good interlude to listen to. The track demonstrates awesome guitar work and makes for a nice break on the album. "Wretched Life" is a chaotic of a rock song. The song really takes things to a new level and it really stands out. "Summer Blood" is a track that will bring to mind the 90's funky summer rock. The Modest Mouse influence is once again on the track but the band still makes the track their own and it really is something to hear. "Anyway" is a love letter to their state of California. It's a rock heavy track as it would surely make the classic California bands admire what they hear. "1996" closes things out with an outstanding closer. It's a single worthy of a track and is a great way to end the album.

Castle Pines have the goods here that will bring the indie rock fans in droves. Indie rock hasn't heard something this fresh in quite some time.