-Interview- Artesyn (10/6/15)

Artesyn is just starting out but is already making waves in the metalcore scene.


From: Mesa, AZ
Sounds like: Metalcore

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Artesyn” and is there any meaning behind it?

We all came together last year in October actually, I think we all have this vision of what Artesyn should be and what it shouldn't be. Each of us have a lot to offer and bring a lot to the table.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from your "Nautilus" single?

I think all our songs should be open to interpretation, we absolutely feel "Nautilus" should be nothing but positive vibes.

3. What can people expect from your live show?

Well we just had our first show! And let me tell you...it was off the hook! We moshed and partied up there on stage and the crowd was going crazy. Our vocalist Wyatt started a mosh pit, ya it was sick. haha

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

I think for all of us it would have to be "Whispers". It gets our blood pumped and we can tell the crowd loves it too.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Despite, Bullet for My Valentine, and Wovenwar.

6. Any crazy show stories?

Well seeing as we just had our first show we haven't done anything TOOOO regrettable yet haha. We drank a lot of Coldcock whiskey as they have just sponsored us haha.

7. What’s your take on the current state of metalcore?

There is always room for improvement, I feel metalcore is thriving but ultimately it could be exponentially better. I think any scene and genre could be doing better especially underground. I feel a lot of why it isn't can be attributed to venues and promoters giving artists and bands the short end of the stick. Without us, you have no show.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in Arizona both locally and state wide?

In AZ it's alright. I follow a lot of rock and metal for the most part and it could be stronger but its getting there. We have a lot of strong promoters and amazing bands that are pushing to get the scene more known. It takes time but it'll get there.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

Illegal downloading is a big no. That's all.

10. What’s next for Artesyn?

We're gearing up for our second show in Tucson, AZ! Next year we have some big things coming up. We hope to go on tour with our Swedish friends in Despite as they crash land in the USA for their first tour!

11. Any shoutouts?

James Brennan, Dani Prowell, and Jennifer Woulard. Without your voice and support we would not be where we are right now! Thank you guys so much!