-Interview- Short On Shame (10/30/15)

Enjoy the grooves and melody while learning to live, produce, and love without shame.


From: Detroit, MI
Sounds like: Rock

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Short On Shame” and is there any meaning behind it?

We all developed an interest in playing music by our early teens, something about music and the way it can speak to everyone in a different way and be so meaningful really endeared us. We started jamming together after having been in a few other bands. At first it was just covers and having a good time and then we were inspired to begin work on original material because of how well we work together. Since the beginning of the band we've worked out all the new songs in a room where everyone can throw their ideas out there. It's a collaborative effort. We really wanted to have a unique sound that didn't call to mind any one specific band for our audience. At the same time we didn't want to cater to what was popular at the time and try to forge our own sound out of our many influences.
Coming up with the band name was the same sort of collaborative effort, Zack threw it out on the table and we all liked it because we thought it conveyed the honest and straight forward attitude that we wanted in our music.

2. What do you want listeners to take away from your "Third Degree" EP? What can people expect from the new music you're working on?

We poured ourselves and the details of the lives we were living into every song. The songs are largely written about struggling through difficulties; creative and professional along with personal and interpersonal. Ideally, the listener can enjoy our grooves and melodies while being able to relate to our message of being an individual who lives, produces, and loves without shame.
As proud as we are of "Third Degree," we really looking to step up our game the next time out, the new crop of songs we have are definitely true to the band itself while we push ourselves into new territories. The content reflects the journey we've taken since the first EP, it is more mature and polished, while heavier and more raw than what we've put out previously. You can expect our new material to make it clear that we've grown individually and as a musical ensemble. We're very excited to get these songs completed and properly released.

3. What can people expect from your live show?

Anybody at an SOS show can expect the songs to be played hard and loud. No one has ever denied our work ethic on stage. That's really where we and our material shine, there's nothing better than feeding off the energy of an amazing crowd and giving that back to them 100%. We bust our asses to see heads bobbing and fists in the air, and nothing is more gratifying than hearing the audience sing along with us.

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

"Pictures". It's a song about being remembered, which is exactly what we're striving for when we take a stage, and it's got a great driving energy that really translates live.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, and Alice in Chains.

6. Any crazy show stories?

Nothing too crazy in the relatively short time we've been playing shows but the few offers from fans of the band for after parties and things like that have been fun.

7. What’s your take on the current state of rock?

There's a lot of really good rock music out there right now it just doesn't seem to get the support that it deserves. Rock radio doesn't support newer artists like it did not that long ago.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in the Michigan both locally and state wide?

In our local area there's tons of bands and between them so much variety. Lately there's definitely been a surge in metal/heavy music in general.
Bands from Michigan have this way of playing that's hard to describe, it's very cutting and to the point. Regardless of genre they really play by feel and cut through the notes. We're proud to be from here and part of a city that has such a unique history in the music community.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

There's always good and bad points to that argument. As a band we recognize the power that it has to reach people around the world that otherwise wouldn't have access to our music. With that in mind we can't take a hard stance against downloading in general.

10. What’s next for Short On Shame?

More shows, more songs, updates on our social media. Basically putting more of ourselves and our music out there in our quest to be heard around the world, because we know we have something worth hearing if you're a fan of rock music.

11. Any shoutouts?

Our families, friends, and all the fans we've connected with along the way. They've really supported and encouraged us to keep being true to ourselves, we can't thank them enough for that.