-Review- Splintered Halo - "We're All A Little Mad In Here" EP

This EP is full of "highly charged gothic poetry set to a monstrous metal soundtrack".


From: Glasgow, Scotland
Sounds like: Metal

Splintered Halo is a female fronted metal band from Scotland. Their anonymous identities mixed with lead singer Evelyn intend to bring their catchy, twisted metal sound out in this four song EP. "Bloodshed In Wonderland" is full of frantic melody that is comparable of a female version of Serj of System Of A Down. The screams that then come out of Evelyn is something that a Kittie or Otep fan would love. The rock groove mixed with metal on the track is a wonderful opener to the EP. Once the track is going full stream, it almost has a wonderful Dog Fashion Disco/circus type sound to it. "Evolution" continues the carnival atmosphere with its opening which then transitions into a a very upbeat metal track full of melody. The track is comparable to Eyes Set To Kill as there's a bit of harshness throughout the track mixed with the melody. The breakdown and guitar solos on the track are crushing. Excellent track to follow a strong opener. "Addicted" is a driving, upbeat rock based track. It has tremendous radio potential. The track is reminiscent to The Vaine is it weaves in and out of catchy radio rock, metal, melody and devastating vocals so effortlessly. It's a stand out track. "Fallen From Grace" is the closer and closes things out nicely with its pure rock sound. The melody is haunting, the harsh vocals add a layer of depth and when the track really takes off, Evelyn somehow takes things up a notch. The track really explodes into a whirlwind of a spectacular metal sound that is rarely heard on a closer.

Splintered Halo bring their own style to the metal world. This four track EP has a lot to like for fans of metal. This EP is "highly charged gothic poetry set to a monstrous metal soundtrack" at its finest.