-Review- Bedpan Fight - "Nacho Thunder"

Bedpan Fight puts their punk rock sound on full blast.


From: Brooklyn, NY
Sounds like: Punk Rock

Let's face it, punk rock has not been as "in your face" and brash as it used to be. Bedpan Fight from Brooklyn look to bring the attitude back to the punk genre like where it once was. With only one track passing the three minute mark, the band is looking to bring the tried and true breakneck pace of the genre to the forefront. "$28,000" opens up the album with a nice punk track that has potential to be a nice live crowd participation track with its "yea"'s in the chorus. "Arms For The Poor" will get your foot tapping with its bass and drum intro which then explodes into a frantic track that will sure get the floor moving. "Bong Song" is head bopping good time as it bring back the shades of the skate punk sound akin to MXPX. "Craigslist Whore" is a fast, harsh punk track that has that throwback punk brashness that the genre is known for. "Fuck Yourself" keeps the trend moving forward in its breakneck like speed with its two stepping goodness. "Ginger Clam Clop" is a track that would make The Ramones smile with its melody and lyrical content. It's a track that is definitely a stand out for people wanting to dance on the floor. "Irish Drinking Song" has a Dropkick Murphys sound to it as it has that Irish punk sound to it like the title suggests. Overall it's a really good track. "Mine This Time" keeps things chugging along nicely with its melodic punk sound. It's a real treat that even later in the album a song can feel just as refreshing as the openers. "She's Been Gone" is fast and is a good track to just jam out to. "Tattoo Girl" is a catchy track that its chorus will surely get stuck in the listeners head for days. The breakdown near the end of the track really leaves its mark on the track. "This Magic Moment" is the end track and is a cover of The Drifters classic. The track has the Bedpan Fight touch to it that has to be heard to be believed.

This is Bedpan Fight's first full length album and they don't hold anything back. The punk sound here is on point and it'd be hard to pass up if you're a true punk fan.