-Review- The Amperes - "Godlessness, Sex & Suicide Vol. 1" EP

The Amperes pack in five songs of rock and roll fury.


From: Duluth, GA
Sounds like: Rock

If you go on The Amperes Soundcloud page for the EP you will be met with this warning for the EP: "It's rock 'n roll as fuck. Listen with caution.". That should tell you all you need to know of the attitude of this EP. "Kiss Me, Softy" comes out swingin' with some good ol' rock and roll flavor. The crunchy guitars with the wailing vocals combine to make for a powerful rock opener. The guitar solo on the track really shreds. "Spiritual Graffiti On A Debutantes Door" kicks things up a notch in the fast and furious sound. The track clocks in at almost five minutes and really packs a lot of punch. "Black Lace" is comparable to Buckcherry as the wails of the guitar mixed with the hard rockin' vocals keep the track at a steady pace throughout. "Liar's Dice" looks to slow things down a bit and opens with almost a The Police style opening. The track is a change of pace but really showcases the talent of the band. When the track opens up, it creates a really special track that should be heard right away. The track has the most radio potential out of any song on the EP. "I Found God, But He Was In A Grilled Cheese Sandwich, So What Should I Do" closes things out with an almost 70s style riff to open up the track. The track is fast and straight in your face. It's that attitude in the song that encompasses the entire EP. The no frills, in your face, rock and roll flair that is too good to ignore.

The Amperes have a spectacular rock EP here. It has all the makings to bring in the true fans of rock and roll while making fans while still being catchy enough to bring in new fans.