-Review- Letters To A Friend - "The Ravenous" EP

Letters To A Friend have a crushing debut EP that melodic metalcore fans will eat up.


From: Seminole, OK
Sounds like: Metalcore

This EP is the debut effort from former members of Devour The Innocent and it looks to just unleash everything they got in just five songs. "Severing The Chains Of Fate" breaks thing wide open with chaos. The track intends to explode speakers right from the get go with its early As I Lay Dying style of melodic metalcore mixed with Paddock Park type clean vocals. "Thy Kingdom Come" is short and ferocious. The track brings to mind Feed Her To The Sharks with its slight synth sound, melody and crushing breakdowns. "I Startled The Witch" continues the audio onslaught of their melodic metalcore style. The track has a more melodic chorus than previous tracks but that by no means makes it softer. The track is still on point in the brutality department. "Traverse The White Light" is the first single off the EP and boy does it deliver. The track is a bit slower and more hardcore and melodic driven than the previous tracks and it adds a nice change of pace. "The Ravenous" closes out the EP with the high octane sound heard early in the EP. The track goes for throat and doesn't let up during its near four minute length. The track ends on a high note with a track like this. The guitar work is stellar and the track just shines as a closer.

The band really took things to the next level with this EP. A debut EP like this full of five tracks of volatile, melodic, passionate, rage doesn't come around often. Melodic metalcore fans have a new EP for their collection.