-Review- Morning In May - "A Joke Of All Trades" EP

This EP from Morning In May is a must have for all you pop/punk fans.


From: Akron, OH
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

Morning In May is a young band from Ohio looking to come up through the ranks of the ever growing pop/punk scene. They have new music coming soon but let's look back at their last release to get familiar with them. "Where's My Lighter?" opens thing up with an upbeat track. It's full of high energy and an infectious chorus. The breakdown midway through is phenomenal and is reminiscent of New Found Glory's "Singled Out" with its hardcore tendencies in a pop/punk track. "Vampire Diaries Saved My Life" keeps things at a high clip. The punk sound is on more of display here. The track could be compared to a classic Blink 182 sound as its catchy and keep the punk sound in the forefront. "Monday Morning" hits hard from the get go. The track takes things up a notch and as it treads the heavier side of pop/punk and it really shines. It's a stand out track, that's for sure. "Anatomy Of Purgatory" features Garret Rapp, the current vocalist of the post hardcore band The Color Morale. The track was a single off the EP and is rightfully so. It explodes with sheer will and that catchy, heavy, early New Found Glory sound that broke them through. The guest vocals are a welcome addition to an already incredible track. "She Doesn't Know We're Dating" is the longest track on the EP but features a lot contained within its over four minute length. The track is catchy, bouncy and a whole lot of fun. "We Put The Fun In Refund" is the closing track and features Ashley Brown. The track is acoustic and features dual back and forth male and female vocals comparable to A Day To Remember's "If It Means A Lot To You". It's a closer to remember and puts a bow on the already delightful gift with the rest of the EP.

Morning In May have something incredible brewing here with this last release. We can't wait for the new music and neither should you.