-Review- Carbonine - "Rebirth" Album

Carbonine have an album here that will captivate any rock music fan.


From: Long Beach, CA
Sounds like: Rock

While Carbonine is writing new music, we're going to reflect on their 2014 effort "Rebirth". "Say I Am" opens things up with a trek down the road of radio friendly hard rock. The guitar riffs, solo and the sing along chorus is definitely a nice way to kick things off. "Edge Of The World" is a tad heavier of a track. The track will get the pits started and the crowd singing along to its infectious chorus. "Thoughts" keeps the pace set before it and it's one of those tracks that would set nicely on any rock radio rotation. "Bury My Shame" slows things down a few notches but still brings out the sound that we've come to known from the band. The slick guitar solo with its controlled, melodic draw shows depth on the already rockin' album. "Winter Night" picks things back up and it sets out to be the breakout track of the album. The track is intense and a very good track to follow "Bury My Shame". "Take It All The Way" is a good ol' fun rock track. The high energy and driving instrumentation is something that really makes it a stand out on the album. "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" is a slower track that reveals a different element of the band. The track is a rock ballad through and through with shades of blues. "Running Wild" is another track that just brings out their unique style of rock to the forefront. "Broken" is the closing track on the album. The track sends things off nicely with another banger of a rock track. The track as well as the rest of the album is top notch production and very memorable for any rock fan.

Carbonine have a solid rock album here which will only grow even more anticipation for their new music.