-Review- Hope In Misery - "Conquer" EP

Hope In Misery set out to "Conquer" the metalcore world in their new EP.


From: Montreal, Canada
Sounds like: Metalcore

Hope In Misery comes in the metalcore scene from Montreal, Canada. This EP has got what it takes to make noise in the ever growing metalcore scene. "The Weight We Carry" comes in with an August Burns Red ferocity. The technical aspects of the track are off the charts and really set the track as a truly awesome opener for an EP. "Deliverance" keeps the pace fast and heavy as the track is the first track on the EP to incorporate clean vocals in the chorus. The cleans add depth to the track and really helps it shine as a complement to the opener. "Me Versus Myself" opens with a frantic pace and doesn't let up throughout its four minute pace. It has traces of melodic hardcore and the breakdowns on the track are earth shattering. "Northern Lion" opens with a sing along and then transitions into controlled chaos of melody and devastation. "Speraremisero" continues the onslaught as its a tremendous metalcore track that intends to annihilate everything in its path. It has everything a metalcore fan could ever want. The ending of the track is a real treat! "The Path" closes out the EP with a stunner of a track. The track dominates with high intensity and the catchiness of We Came As Romans. It's a great closer to a fantastic EP.

Hope In Misery have an EP here that should be on every metalcore fans' playlist. Be sure to play it at a high volume for maximum destruction.