-Review- The Versa Contrast - "Introvert//Extrovert" Album

The Versa Contrast's new album is one that rock fans don't want to miss!


From: Revere, MA
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

The Versa Contrast just released this brand new album a few days ago and with influences such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Moneys and At The Drive In, this album should be a doozy for any fan of rock music. "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda...Didn't" kicks off the EP with a snappy, stormy intro which then glides effortlessly into a Pink Floyd sound which doesn't disappoint. The guitar solos are top notch and it's an epic opener for an album. "[Storm]" is an interlude track which brings ambiance to the album. The track leads into the next track "Theatres Of The Absurd". The track takes it to the next level as it climbs the spectrum of hard rock while still balancing their Radiohead-esque influence. "[Calm]" is another interlude track. This time it's a little bit more upbeat than the previous interlude track. The track builds for the next track "Vampirial". The track has music video written all over it as it's the type of track you can just get lost in. "Paracide" sets the mood in the first minutes of the track before kicking into high gear. The track is the heaviest and catchiest track on the album. The track brings to mind the crunch and melody of Queens Of The Stone Age. "De Stijl" seems like a rock radio single as it has a lot working for it. It's the shortest track on the album (not including the interludes) but it packs a ton of punch. We dare you to listen to it without tappin your foot or bobbin your head in sync with the riffs and drums. "Between Rats, Flies And Spiders" slows the tempo down a bit to close out the EP and wraps things up quite nicely.

The Versa Contrast have an album here that transcends the rock music genre. Everything contained within this album is everything a true rock fan should hear.