-Review- Misthaven - "Born Among The Ashes" EP

Misthaven are ready to enchant the masses with their four song EP.


From: Campobasso, Italy
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

The female fronted rock genre have had bands such as Evanescence, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil and Halestorm to name a few in recent time. Italy based Misthaven have a catchy alternative rock sound that will charm fans of the genre for a long time to come in this four track demo EP. "Yesterday" kicks off the EP with a piano driven track which knows how to start things off right. The symphonic rock sound is reminiscent of Evanescence back in their prime. The vocals are outstanding and the track is an incredible way to kick off the EP."Won't Look Back" is a tremendous rock track. The track has single written all over it and shows a tremendous amount of passion. "Light Of A Prayer" slows things down and is a more intimate track. The track brings to mind "My Immortal" as it pulls at the emotional strings of the listener in all the right ways. The EP closes out with the epic track "Newborn". The track takes the listener on an incredible journey of sound that is rarely seen in the rock world nowadays. The track screams for a music video as it transcends into a different realm of sound. Awesome closer to a fantastic demo EP.

Misthaven have got what it takes to be in the same echelon as Halestorm. Fans of female fronted rock have a new band to look out for in Misthaven.