-Review- Althaea - "The Waking" EP

Althaea pull no punches on their debut EP.


From: Richmond, VA
Sounds like: Metal

Virginia metal bands have been lighting up the metal scene for awhile now with acts such as Lamb Of God, Gwar, Pentagram and Darkest Hour. Althaea are a young band from Richmond, Virginia looking to throw their hat in the ring with the heavyweights. "Nightingale" kicks off the EP with a moody instrumental track which uses its ambiance to create a "calm before the storm" atmosphere. "Facade" comes in with massive breakdowns and a sound that brings to mind early metal/hardcore bands such as Diecast or Vision Of Disorder. "Unworthy" is the lead single off the EP and just destroys everything in its path. The track is a stunning example of how heavy the band truly is with its four minute path of destruction. "Mirror Image" is a shorter track and features some southern twang to the track. It's a bit slower at times than the previous tracks but still has the hard bit to it that we have come to expect from the band. "The Waking" closes out the EP with a closer that is six minutes long and is a track to remember. The track spews out a fury of metal and hardcore that keeps the listeners' attention during its entire length.

Althaea are looking to bring ferociousness back to the metal genre. This EP is a step in the right direction in doing just that.