-Review- One Way To Live - "Self Titled" EP

This one's for you if you like up-tempo progressions, melody and explosive breakdowns.


From: Aurora, CO
Sounds like: Post Hardcore/Metal

This is their debut EP and they don't hold back whatsoever. "The Disembodied Fortune" is the opener and features a guest vocals from Alex Gutzmer of the band Colossus. The track just bursts at the seams with breakdowns and passion. The track is crushing and its melodic riffs will hook all fans of melodic hardcore. There are shades of the band Confession as well as It Prevails on the track. "Restless" comes in like a swift kick to the face. The melody in the chorus are the first clean vocals on the EP. The track is fast, heavy and is a good mix of metal and hardcore. "Hourglass" is the first single off the EP and unleashes a bouncy breakdown throughout the verses and then clean vocals on the chorus. It's no wonder why the track was a single as it will receive sing along to the chorus as well as dancers keeping the pit going to the breakdowns. "A Man/A Warrior" is a little bit of a different side of the band as it features a post hardcore influence mixed with a more traditional hardcore sound. The melodic chorus and devastating breakdowns on the track make it a real treat to listen to. "Locket" clocks in as the longest track on the EP. The track is summarizes the bands' sound perfectly as it has elements of the genre breaking sound that the band will be known for soon enough. "Continuum" is the outro track. The track is an instrumental track and subdues the listener with its atmospheric sound. It's the dessert you get after a wonderful meal. Everything just feels right when there's a stunning debut EP like this in the world.

The production and quality on this debut EP is top notch. The melting pot of post hardcore, metalcore and hardcore that the band bring to the table will surely garner new fans right away.