From The Depths Entertainment February 2016 Playlist (Spotify)

Our February playlist features the hottest new tracks from some of the best new artists.


1. More Than Most - "Nightmares" (London, UK)
2. Castle Pines - "Summer Blood" (Corona, California)
3. Neverlyn - "What Do I Do?" (Livermore, California)
4. Fall Has Come - "Swallow My Tears" (Caserta, Italy)
5. Recruits - "Remember You" (North Lincolnshire, UK)
6. Polarities - "Bury Me" (Chicago, Illinois)
7. Hope In Misery - "The Path" (Montreal, Canada)
8. I Saw The World Burn - "Burial Ground" (Midlands, UK)
9. Just A Dream - "Euphoria" (San Antonio, Texas)
10. Beauty In The Darkness - "Fire" (Las Vegas, Nevada)
11. Splintered Halo - "Bloodshed In Wonderland" (Glasgow, UK)