-Review- Fall Has Come - "Time To Reborn"

Fall Has Come's full length album features a radio friendly rock sound that includes ballads, hits and just pure awesomeness.


From: Caserta, Italy
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

The Italian music scene is alive and kickin' with acts such as Rome's Hydra and Odd, Campobasso's Misthaven, and now Fall Has Come from Caserta. These Italian groups know how to thrown down and hold their own with all of their unique styles of music. Fall Has Come have just released their "Time To Reborn" full length album and let's see what it's all about. "Cover The Sun" starts things off with a soaring radio friendly sound. The uplifting sound is in the vein of Lifehouse or Skillet. The track is a great way to kick off the album. "I Will" is a bit slower of a track that shines bright with its huge, passionate chorus. The track has a big natural rock sound that could fill arenas with lighters waving in the sky. "Swallow My Tears" is a straight rock track that will surely get stuck in your head for not days but weeks. The track is straight up just awesome with its catchy riffs and chorus. "The Hiddel Life Of Dreams" keeps things going with its ballad like sound. It's a bit slower but makes up for it with its emotion. "Burn Up To River" picks things up with its upbeat riffs right from the get go. The track is faster than the previous tracks and knows how to hit all the right notes. The track might even be deemed as hard rock as it could be heard on hard rock radio with its speaker busting guitar solo and driving sound. "Forsaken World" is a powerful track that pulls at the heartstrings. It's a great rock ballad. "Remember" is a slower, almost acoustic track. The track brings synth into the mix and combines it with the intimacy of the track. "Start To Be Free" is a rock track that is high tempo and is sure to get your foot tappin' along to its ultra catchy chorus. "Urban Chaos" starts off with a few audio clips and then transitions into another fast paced, hard rock type track. The track has a southern draw to it and it simply rocks in all levels. The track showcases perfectly what Fall Has Come sounds like when they take their sound in a harder direction. "Time To Reborn" is the title track off the album and has an epic sound to it. The track recently had a music video shot for it and you can view the unofficial video here. "Wherever" closes out the album in acoustic style. The track is a nice, smooth way to finish off a tremendous full length effort from yet another spectacular act from Italy.

This album is a must own for anyone looking for soaring rock ballads and a rock sound that is big and powerful.