-Review- Four Score Hero - "Prologue"

Four Score Hero's full length is full of incredible post hardcore tinged pop/punk.


From: Spearfish, SD
Sounds like: Pop/Punk-Post Hardcore

South Dakota isn't known too much for their music. With Shawn Colvin and the drummer of Jethro Tull being the famous musicians from the state, Four Score Her are looking to add their name to that list. "Too Worked Up" opens up the album with a Four Year Strong type sound. The track is melodic, punky and a good way to kick things off. The breakdown near the end of the track adds another element of heaviness. "Hey Zoey" sets right in with more of an early Green Day influence. It's an extremely catchy track that showcases their pop/punk tendencies to the fullest. The harder traces on the track add an extra amount of depth. "It's Not Me It's You" will get your foot tappin' with its driving sound. It's such a great song to put on and get things accomplished. It features a great guitar solo also. "Generation Of Idiots" is a solid track that keeps things at a high energy. "Out Of Sight" is more of a radio rock track. It sounds like an alternative rock track as it takes things to a more radio friendly route. "My Heart Belongs To Mesa" is a bit of a slower track and brings to mind Blink 182's slower tracks. It's a really good track and it shows a different side of the band. "Stitched Together" has shades of The Wonder Years as it's upbeat and really catchy. It's a single worthy track, that's for sure. "Don't Wanna Go Home" is an acoustic track that feels like a bonus on an album like this. The track is very intimate and adds a nice break to the pace. "Yes Way Yes How" is the lead single off the album. A music video was even released for the track which can be seen here. It is an excellent single as it has that early pop/punk attitude and simply rocks. "Carry On Kid" is a nice track to follow up the single. It's a tad harder and adds the post hardcore elements effortlessly. It's the most easycore/ popcore track on the album. "Dear Janie" is another high quality track. The track features a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. "16 & Lost" continues the onslaught of super catchy pop/punk. "Cigarettes And Top Ramen" closes the album with a doozy of a track. The album ends on a high note with its up-tempo sound that features some insane hardcore qualities. It's an awesome track to close the album off with.

If you're a fan of pop/punk but want something a tad heavier, grab this album now.