-Review- Morning In May - "I Can't Even" EP

Morning In May created a pop/punk EP for the ages.


From: Akron, OH
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

"All Of My Falling Outs End With A Shovel" kicks things off with high energy. The track is non stop fun and is a great way to kick things off. The infectious chorus coupled with a pop/punk breakdown along with a sing along later in the track are wonderful treats for the ears. "Where's My Lighter?" is a bouncy track that'll get the live crowd jumping along. It's super catchy and will sure be a favorite off the EP. "I'm A Six At Best" is the lead single off the EP and doesn't disappoint. The track features outstanding guitar work and everything is just next level in terms of catchiness. Listen to this track now and it'll get you hooked. "Monday Morning" keeps the adrenaline high and the head boppin with high octane sound. There's a Blink 182 influence here mixed with later New Found Glory. It's a really good track and continues the trend of single ready tracks. "The Irony Of A You Turn" sticks out as it has rapid fire vocals and a stellar sound. It's a standout track for sure. "Survivor's Guilt (Making Toast In The Bathroom)" finishes the EP off with another banger of a track. Near the end of the track will have you chanting along to its sing along bridge. The EP is a grand total of twenty two minutes of some amazing pop/punk. Morning In May look to put Ohio on the pop/punk map with this spectacular release.

Morning In May have made a phenomenal pop/punk EP here. The production is high quality and every song is single worthy. If you're a fan of pop/punk, you need to hear this right away.