-Review- Offpeak - "Champagne Lifestyle Lemonade Wages" EP

UK rock band Offpeak have a stellar rock EP here that anyone into rock music should dig.

From: Esh Winning, UK
Sounds like: Rock

Esh Winning, UK rock band Offpeak have finally released their five track EP. It features a wide array of variations of rock and will sure please listeners with its diversity. "Rubber Glove" opens up the EP with an ultra catchy rock sound right off the bat. The track has shades of grunge in its verses while the chorus is a swift sound if alternative rock. It's a sweet mixture that works. "Champagne Lifestyle Lemonade Wages" is the lead single (which music video can be seen here). The track has rock radio written all over it. The track brings to mind Buckcherry and it will have its chorus stuck in your head for days. "Original Lover" is a right hook to the noggin with as it sticks with the straight up catchy rock sound. The guitar solo on the track is a treat and really takes the track up a notch. "Give Up The Wrong" features a strong guitar sound to open up the track. The track is overall a glorious uplifting track that should be a second single. It's a phenomenal track to listen to. "All The Things" closes out the EP with a bouncy rock sound that actually treads on the line between indie and alternative rock. It's a catchy number that will surely make listeners salivate for more. It's a fresh sound that Offpeak bring to the table and this track and EP are perfect examples that Offpeak are ready to bring their unique rock sound to the masses.

Offpeak have a stellar rock EP here that anyone into rock music should dig. It's a great EP just to rock out to.