-Review- All Wrong - "Where It Went Wrong" EP

All Wrong have an incredible EP here for anyone looking for new pop/punk to listen to.


From: Littleton, CO
Sounds like: Pop Punk/Hardcore

The pop/punk genre has recently seen more and more infectious pop/punk bands popping up left and right. One of those bands is Littleton, Colorado and called All Wrong. They recently released their five track EP "Where It Went Wrong" EP. Let's dive right in and see what All Wrong is all about. "All Wrong Presents" is an intro track that is purely instrumental and brings to mind the alt stylings of State Champs. The second track "No Blink Shirts" kicks in like a fire stater as it's fast and powerful. The pop/punk chorus and breakdowns go hand and hand and really creates a stellar track. "Not Getting Better" has a New Found Glory sound to it as it knows when to get heavy and when to turn out the melodic punk. It's a track that is definitely single worthy. "Dead Eyes" is a slower more passionate sound that brings to mind early Letlive. It's a hard track that really hits the heartstrings with the melodic hardcore sound. "Four Years Gone" closes out the EP with an explosive sound. Everything on the track from the huge opening breakdown to the incredible pop/punk fury of sound is just pure gold. This EP should not be missed.

All Wrong have an EP here that fills the need for any pop/punk fan looking for something new for their collection.