-Review- Break And Enter - "Welcome Home" EP

Break and Enter are looking to "detonate" the hardcore scene with their newest EP.


From: Nashville, TN
Sounds like: Hardcore/Punk

Break And Enter are a young band from Nashville, TN looking to make their mark on the hardcore/punk scene. Their "Welcome Home" EP came out a few months ago and my goodness is it an explosive EP. The EP starts off with the single "Avalanche". A music video was shot for the track and can be viewed here. The track is a devastating opener and brings to mind the melodic hardcore stylings of a Hundredth or Turnstile. "Detonate" keeps the heaviness going with its barrage of breakdowns and inner turmoil lyrics. The end breakdowns is truly crushing and will have the pit moving. "Guardian Angel" is the longest track on the EP, clocking in at a tad over three minutes. The track is an emotional journey for a lost friend and really is as passionate of a hardcore song you'll find. "Monster" follows up the longest track with the shortest track. It's a track full of an almost high tempo metal sound. It's a variation of what was heard prior on the EP but it really works well. "Final Judgement" finishes off the EP with more straight to the face melodic hardcore. The track has a lot contained within its mere two minute span. This EP should be in every melodic hardcore fans collection immediately.

Melodic hardcore fans have a new band to watch out for in Break And Enter.