From The Depths Entertainment April 2016 Playlist (Spotify & YouTube)

Our April playlist is filled with 11 artists that are torching up the sounds from the underground.




1. More Than Most - "You're Not Alone" (London, UK)
2. StereoRiots - "Lucky Zero" (Washington, DC)
3. The Drip Effect - "State Of The Art" (West Palm Beach, Florida)
4. Morning In May - "Monday Morning" (Akron, Ohio)
5. The Ones You Forgot - "Stationary" (Brick Township, New Jersey)
6. Short On Shame - "It's Time" (Detroit, Michigan)
7. Meka Nism - "Mouth Of God" (Orlando, Florida)
8. Imbrium - "I Wish My Grass Was Emo" (Fairhope, Alabama)
9. Break And Enter - "Avalanche" (Nashville, Tennessee)
10. One Way To Live - "Locket" (Aurora, Colorado)
11. Aeliana - "Lay It Down" (Sparta, Tennessee)