-Interview- Break And Enter (4/15/16)

Break and Enter talk about their "Welcome Home" EP, the local Nashville music scene and much more.


From: Nashville, TN
Sounds like: Hardcore/Punk

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound?

BREAK AND ENTER: The band started during the late spring of 2015 at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. Charlie (rhythm guitar), Brock (vocals), and Isaac (drums), and two others started the band by just meeting up and playing a few cover songs. Almost as soon as the band began we broke for summer break and lost the other two members. We immediately grabbed up Matt (current bassist) and began writing our EP when we returned in the fall. Ashley (current lead guitar) would wind up joining the band after the EP release during the spring semester of 2016.

We developed our sound in the studio with Trevor Hoffort as well as just practicing and creating the tone we wanted to present live. We made sure that our EP has the same tone that we want to give off live, that way we sound the closest to our recordings (if not better) during our live performances. We also just tried to get the most dirty, filthy guitar tones possible.

2. Who thought of the name “Break And Enter” and is there any meaning behind it?

BREAK AND ENTER: Our former bassist actually coined the “Break And Enter” name, although Brock thought of “Breaking And Entering.” It is just a shorter version of the well-known felony crime, haha.
Our name is all about finding yourself. Break And Enter is all about embracing every thought, emotion, and action that makes us who we are without conforming to any stereotypes. The idea is to “break” yourself down to the roots and to “enter” the most basic, unchanged version of yourself that does not conform to anything or anyone. We are, fundamentally, ourselves. At the end of the day, we are left with ourselves. That can never change. We realize that and live our lives according to these principles and our music encourages others to do the same.

3. What do you want listeners to take away from your "Welcome Home" EP?

BREAK AND ENTER: The reason the EP is entitled “Welcome Home” is because everyone in the band went through a pretty rough transition when we entered college. All of the EP’s songs deal with the “problems” we experienced through our transition and how we learned to live our lives with these “problems” that make us who we are.

Our songs like “Detonate” and “Final Judgement” deal with the depression that can come from nonconformity and losing friends who might not have been your friends in the first place. “Monster” is a callout song and is for anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else. “Monster” also addresses the idea that you cannot run away from who you are by conforming to stereotypes and ideals (basically, being a poser). “Avalanche” is about how people in our lives love to tell us what is the best for us to keep us quiet and to silence change. Lastly, “Guardian Angel” deals with the loss of a friend that never got to say goodbye. The songs all have deep meaning to us and our fans and we hope that we can continue our writing with this style in mind.

4. What can people expect from your live show?

Loud, fast paced, uncontrolled chaos. We love to get rowdy and so does our hometown fans. Our favorite shows to play are the “all local” shows. The people who show up to those are always just interested in hearing us and the other locals play as opposed to a touring act. No one stands still. It is probably the most intense and fun type of show to play.

That being said, some touring acts really bring out the crowds that rival these local shows. It just depends on where we play and with whom. Regardless, people can expect us to be loud, fast, and chaotic. We are a hardcore band. There will be a pit.

5. What's your favorite track to play live?

BREAK AND ENTER: "Final Judgement". Our drummer Isaac and our bass player Matt get to battle with solos and it is always a crowd pleaser. We also have a new song called "Guillotine" that really packs a punch. The crowd tends to like it. It has two breakdowns (one fast, one down-tempo) and a lead guitar solo. The crowd really likes that one too.

6. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

BREAK AND ENTER: Architects, The Ghost Inside, and Stick To Your Guns. These hardcore bands are easily the most fun bands to see live (in our opinions) and match our style the best. However, we would not be opposed to hopping on tour with Hatebreed, Madball, and Code Orange.

7. Any crazy show stories?

BREAK AND ENTER: On March 19 we played an all local show in Nashville. Our merchandise and logo designer was there in the front row of the crowd and was heckling Charlie (rhythm guitar) the entire time. We all had no idea who was shouting at Charlie about very detailed, sexual desires but it was quite the experience. We figured it out after the show and had a very good laugh. It was a fun time.

Also, Charlie got slapped in the face by one of his friends during "Detonate" at that show. She claims it was “the most metal thing to do at a metal show” and we all agree. It was really funny and we all still tell Charlie to watch out for our rouge fans that love to slap him in the face.

8. What’s your take on the current state of hardcore?

BREAK AND ENTER: Hardcore is alive and well. Album sales are performing well, sometimes even better than expected, and the production on the albums are getting better (in our opinion). We are really happy with the state and we hope that the positive mental attitude of hardcore will grow even more.

9. What’s the current music scene like there in Tennessee both locally and state wide?

BREAK AND ENTER: Hardcore is in a “revival” type of state in Nashville right now. Our local only show featured 5 heavy, hardcore, deathcore, and post hardcore bands. We brought out around 100 people to that show which absolutely packed that tiny venue. That show really put the wind in our sails when we approach shows. We hope that Nashville can start putting up attendance numbers like that at all the local shows or touring shows. Bigger hardcore acts tend to bring quite the crowd but never sell out. We hope that, through our cultivation of the scene, we can start bringing hardcore kids to those shows, selling them out, and sending a message through that sell-out to booking agencies in the hardcore scene. Nashville is slowly becoming a scene that you will never want to miss on a hardcore tour.

That being said, Knoxville and Memphis are kind of the same. Tennessee is putting out some of the best sounding heavy music right now and we seem to get skipped over in the minds of a lot of hardcore kids.

10. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

BREAK AND ENTER: It is bad. At least stream your favorite music. Don’t illegally download music. It is that simple. Support your favorite artists instead of stealing from your favorite artists.

11. What’s next for Break And Enter?

A full-length album. It has been decided and is currently in the writing stages. Break And Enter will not be as active as it may want to be during the summer due to this fact. The fall will be huge, though. More new music, more merch, more dates, and more loud craziness.

12. Any shoutouts?

Trevor Hoffort is the man. He engineered, recorded, and mastered our EP “Welcome Home” and is just a beautiful Wisconsin man.

Morgan Carney is literally breathing life into the local hardcore scene in Nashville at Rocketown. We would not be what we are today without him. He also is the reason we are obsessed with saying “suh dude.”

Heather Lowe is our manager and merch lady. She is the best in all departments and we love her.

Decoded Artist Services is helping us put together a lot of really fun stuff in the fall. Don’t miss out.

Austin Testut and Shayne Hayes for helping start this band.

Thresholds for being our best friends in the Nashville hardcore scene.