-Review- Among Legends - "Charles St." EP

Among Legends look to put their mark on the pop/punk world.


From: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Sounds like: Pop/Punk

Canadian pop/punk band Among Legends just released this debut EP of theirs two weeks ago. Fresh off the presses and out in the world, let's delve deep in the fresh new music from Among Legends. "Always On My Mind" opens up the EP with an upbeat number that will surely get the listener bouncing and singing along immediately. The guitar riff that is featured on the track is extremely catchy and definitely a nice touch. "Flatliner" has a more punk influence than the previous track. It's short, to the point and features some excellent gang chants throughout the track. Punk fans will eat this track up. "Gone For Days" is the shortest track on the EP clocking in at a shade over two and a half minutes. There's an early Weezer like sound to the track and that's not a bad thing. "Self-Counseling" will get you singing along to its infectious verses and chorus. The track is a good example of the talent of the band. The guitar solo on the track is top notch on the track. "(Don't) Defend Pop-Punk" is their song regarding the state of the pop/punk genre and the emotional bond of the tracks within. It's a brash stance on the genre but it works out well. Their unique take on the track will turn some heads and might divide but you can't deny the courage and catchiness of the track. The single "Electric" closes out the EP in style. It's a track that will get stuck in the listeners head for days. The track is radio friendly and showcases the Among Legends sound perfectly. This EP brings a fresh take on the pop/punk genre that it has needed for quite some time.

This EP brings a fresh take on the pop/punk genre that it has needed for quite some time.