-Review- Our Last Of Days - "Our Last Of Days" EP

Our Last Of Days unleash their highly sound of metalcore mixed with clean pop/punk choruses to their EP.


From: Reno, NV
Sounds like: Metalcore/Pop Punk

The town of Reno, Nevada has spawned yet another band that knows how to bring the musical metal carnage. While the band Impurities have also been representing Reno in the metal community, here comes the band Our Last Of Days to bring a two headed monster of destruction to the town of Reno via their "Our Last Of Days" EP. "Amaurosis" kicks off the EP with a devastating mesh of metalcore and clean vocals. The instrumentation has shades of early Parkway Drive while it lays waste to everything in its path. "There Will Always Be Dawn" will get the live crowd moving with its earth shattering breakdowns and singing along to its infectious chorus. If pop/hardcore was more metal sounding, this track would be an example of that hybrid. "Ill As Phil" is a driving track that goes for the jugular and doesn't let up. The uplifting clean sung chorus adds nice depth to the track. The breakdowns on this track are simply brilliant and explosive. "Unforgiven" closes out the EP with a chaotic sound that was previously unheard earlier on the EP. The track brings shades of As I Lay Dying with its melodic metalcore sound. The track is an epic example of how heavy the band can be. It wraps up the stellar EP perfectly.

Our Last Of Days have a highly unique sound of metalcore mixed with clean pop/punk choruses. It's definitely worth a listen of you're looking for something heavy and melodic.