-Review- Rise Annie Rise - "Checkmate" EP

Rise Annie Rise know how to perfectly mix melody and brutality in this EP.


From: Warner Robins, GA
Sounds like: Post Hardcore

While Rise Annie Rise prepares to release new music onto the post hardcore landscape, let's go back and revisit their previous "Checkmate" EP. "This Is Now" kicks off the EP with an epic sound that unleashes the metal and post hardcore influences perfectly. The track is over five minutes and fills that time to the brim with catchy melodies, blistering breakdowns and crazy instrumentation. "The Clouds Can Not Compare" features Yadiel Cruzado and it comes across like an early Underoath track. The clean sung melodies, Corey Taylor type harsh vocals and the synths make it a stand out track that is sure to appeal to many people. "Another Day At The Opera" is a catchy as hell track while still maintaining the edge and brutality from their signature sound. "Jackals In The Courtyard" has an almost pure metalcore sound to it. It's fierce and brings an almost I Killed The Prom Queen influence out of it. "Written In Red" features Cameron Franchi and is a another extremely catchy track that seamlessly blends melody with a metalcore sound. The breakdown in the middle of the track goes off the rails and really lifts the track to another level. "Name Of The Hallowed" is another epic track just like the opener. The near six minute track doesn't hold anything back. The entire EP unleashes hell and should be an immediate favorite to anyone who likes it heavy and melodic.

Rise Annie Rise know how to perfectly mix melody and brutality in this EP. Their new music is coming soon and we can't wait to hear what they have up their sleeve.