-Review- Starlight Factory - "Demo" Album

Starlight Factory knows how to captivate listeners with their indie rock sound.


From: Brooklyn, New York
Sounds like: Rock

Starlight Factory from Brooklyn, New York released this demo album last year and it should be the duty of every fan of indie rock to listen to this album. "Starlight Factory" opens things up with a neat, tight sound that will make the indie rock listeners feel right at home. "HotSpot #2" is a radio friendly track that really shines. The production is top notch and it's a really amazing track from beginning to end. "Sweet Love" features a crunchy, haunting sound that would be comparable to Radiohead. The track takes the listener on a passionate journey that engulfs the three minute length. "HotSpot #1" is the original version of the track and it's really interesting to hear. The almost Weezer like influence just begs to be polished up and they've done some really amazing work on version number two. "Magnetic Fields" has a feeling of the tropics to it. It's a nice track that people can really dance to. "Only Girl" is an acoustic track that has that 50's rock ballad feel to it. It shows off a different side of the band and that's always a great thing to hear. "Into A Dream (With Me)" kicks up the pace back up a bit and its a track that'll make the listener sing along. It's a super catchy track that is very single worthy. "The Discovery" is an uplifting track that has a Modest Mouse feel to it. The track erupts with the Starlight Factory energy and passion that is a pleasure to listen to. "Starlight Factory" is the music video edit of the opener of the album. It's a tad longer as it adds an atmospheric introduction. The album ends with the epic closer "Stepped Out". The track is near five minutes of some tremendous pure indie rock. There's so much on this album to like as a fan of rock music. It's scary that this is only a demo album.

If you're into indie rock or alternative rock then listening to this album is a no brainer. Go listen now!