-Review- Vanilla King Court - "After All" Album

If you need more diversity in your rock music then be sure to check out this album.


From: Ukiah, California
Sounds like: Alternative Rock

Vanilla King Court are a rare act that blend together various forms of rock that look to captivate audiences for some time to come. The recent album "After All" looks to do just that. "The First Cut" opens up the album with a live feel to it. The slow build intro track leads into the second track "Steve's Dance Song". The track is a nice mix of punk rock. It's bouncy and quite catchy and you'll be singing along in no time. "In The Court Of His Majesty" slows things down a bit with some moody melody that sets the overall tone as it clocks in at the longest track on the album at a shade over four a half minutes. It's an incredible track that is polar opposite to the previous "Steve's Dance Song". "Viva" is a good ol' California summer rock track. The track brings to mind Weezer's "Raditude" days and even features some hip hop flavor. It's diverse and really shines. "Coffee Cup" is another slow burn track that will get under your skin in a good way. "Throwing Knives" is a fast pace track that will get your blood flowing with its pop punk tendencies. "I Love" is a track that could burn up the radio rock charts. It's extremely catchy and anyone looking for a feel good track to lose yourself to, this one's for you. "You Need Alcohol To Laugh" hits the indie rock vibe in stride. The track just oozes melody and some outrageous guitar work that is just downright incredible. It's a standout track. "She" kicks up the pace a bit with a bit of Jimmy Eat World influence. The pop/rock sound is really awesome and rare to find such a gem as a ninth track on an album. "Leave Home" closes out the album in style. The track is a force of alternative rock power and will get the listener salivating for more.

If you need more diversity in your rock music then be sure to check out this alternative album from Vanilla King Court. You won't be disappointed!