-Review- Strangers With Kandy - "Slightly Sweet Mostly Sour" Album

Strangers With Kandy from Hawaii look to make waves in the punk scene with their new full length album.


From: Mililani, Hawaii
Sounds like: Punk

For some reason or another, bands from Hawaii don't get the recognition that they deserve. Strangers With Kandy from Mililani, Hawaii are looking to make a dent in that perception with their full length album "Slightly Sweet Mostly Sour". "Adderall" kicks off the album with an adrenaline filled track that is punk through and through. With it's fast pace and gang vocals, the track really shreds from the start. "Cock Out" brings back the punk attitude within its three minute length. It's fast, brash and in your face punk to the core. "Doug-Less" has an almost pop/punk feel. The track is more melodic than the previous tracks and really shines. "Fat Chicks" is a funky little punk number whose lyrical content is more in the vein of NOFX. It's not a bad track overall but just an acquired taste. "Gilmore" continues the punk onslaught with an upbeat sound which even features a shoutout to Dropkick Murphys and the aforementioned NOFX. "Globble Globble" is a fun track. The track is a stand out track on the album. It's very explosive, melodic and really shows the true talents of the band. "Missing The Bell" has shades of early Blink 182 on the track. The guitar work is spectacular and the track melts with awesomeness. "Pensacola" is a five minute track that has that summer sound to a T. It's quite refreshing of a track to hear. "Slimeball" brings back that NOFX sound. It's a true punk track and surely true punk fans will enjoy the track. "Temper Tantrum Boy" keeps the pace in high gear and also keeps the gang vocals coming. The track is a nice track to follow "Slimeball" since it's a tad more melodic. "Waning" is an acoustic track which really breaks things up in preparation for the last two tracks. The track shows a different side of the band and the track is a nice change of pace. "World Of Porn" sounds like it draws influences in the way of politically incorrectness Bloodhound Gang. Just like "Fat Chicks" earlier on the album, it's an acquired taste of a track. "Wuss" closes out the album in style with its addictive, melodic punk rock sound. The track contains a ton of energy within its two minute time frame.

Any fan of punk rock should find something to enjoy on this album. It's quite enjoyable and should be a must listen for punk fans.