From The Depths Entertainment July 2016 Playlist

Our July playlist features nine artists that bring the musical fireworks for your enjoyment.


1. Castle Pines - "Hollow Cause" (Corona, California)
2. Vanilla King Court - "Viva" ft. Tobias Lopez (Ukiah, California)
3. Charlie Strikes Back - "Satellites" (Altus, Oklahoma)
4. Tragic Earth - "Bury Me" (Melbourne, Australia)
5. Veronica Grisham - "Focus" (San Francisco, California)
6. As Cowards Wake - "I Give Up" (Norwich, UK)
7. Patient Sixty Seven - "Callous" (Perth, Australia)
8. Polarities - "Searching" (Chicago, Illinois)
9. Strangers With Kandy - "Missing The Bell" (Mililani, Hawaii)