-Review- Raw Like Fish - "Pendolism" EP

Raw Like Fish hits all the right notes with their newest EP.


From: Hanover, Germany
Sounds like: Rock

Raw Like Fish from Germany is a hard rock band that recently released their "Pendolism" EP. Does this German band have what it takes to stick out and cross over to the overseas crowd? Let's dig in and find out. The opener "Pendolon" immediately introduces the listener to the crunchy hard rock/metal sound that Raw Like Fish brings to the table. It's an incredible opener that really shows the depth that the band has. "Salade" is a slower track but still melds melody with that hard rock sound that brings to mind Staind or Breaking Benjamin. "Electric Ladyboy" brings the pace back up with an almost A Perfect Circle type vibe. The track just oozes experimental rock and rages throughout its four minute length. "Mnemonic" starts off with a marching opening which then breaks into an almost grunge rock sound. The track is an absolute blast to crank up and will be a fan favorite. "Manege" is a track of epic proportions. The near six minute track goes full steam ahead and packs a ton of straight up rock sound in its time frame. The closer "AQ" showcases the acoustic side of the band. The track is pretty dynamic and closes the EP off nicely.

Raw Like Fish hit all the right notes with the newest EP. Rock fans should pick this up right away.