From The Depths Entertainment October 2016 Playlist

Our October playlist features 10 artists that know how to stir up the cauldron of underground music.


1. The Art Of Deception - "Family Portrait" (Danville, Pennsylvania)
2. Crawling Manifest - "Blistering Inside" (Greensboro, Maryland)
3. Complicated Arrangement - "14th & 8th" (Nassau County, New York)
4. Among Legends - "We Were Vaguely Saints" (Kitchener, Canada)
5. Three Cheers Too Late - "I Hope You Will" (Freehold, New Jersey)
6. Fiction - "Wishful Thinking" (Mahopac, New York)
7. Sonus Corona - "Struggle" (Turku, Finland)
8. A Constant Knowledge Of Death - "Twilight Gale" (Long Beach, California)
9. Veronica Grisham - "The Limit" (San Francisco, California)
10. Misthaven - "Vampire Knight" (Campobasso, Italy)