Altamadum Share Track By Track Breakdown Of New "Anybody Out There?" EP

Altamadum breaks down what each track means and gives you more insight on their new EP.
From: Thunder Bay, Canada
Sounds like: Rock

"Anybody Out There?" - The title track for the EP. We haven't made something quite like this one before. Eerie and deep sounding.

"Save Me" - Stripped down and on the soft side. First time for one like this too. Not my fav, but the broke homies can relate to this one.

"Drugged Inside" (Radio Edit) - In this one, we kind of just rock out being fast paced with high energy. A bad love is the topic of this one..we can all relate! Angry feel with this one!

"Tasting All The Pain" - The last track for the EP. Also, its a soft rendition of a song from our first album. Deff a weird one in my mind, but she's got a catchy hook! All about old love and old thoughts. A cool, lost feel with this one.