From The Depths Entertainment June 2017 Playlist

Our June 2017 playlist features some exciting new acts that'll brighten up your Summer days.


1. Late Night Drive - "Running" (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
2. Break Out Day - "Too Bad You're Lying" (Roslyn, New York)
3. Marquee Grand - "Let It Ride" (Buffalo, New York)
4. Fusca Stella - "Do You Know?" (Nashville, Tennessee)
5. Falcon's Bandits - "Holly Mae" (Boston, Massachusetts)
6. Shattered Beneath - "Breaking Habit" (Biloxi, Mississippi)
7. Somewhere Between - "Smoking Gun" (Bend, Oregon)
8. Iridia - "2nd Fret" (Salt Lake City, Utah)
9. Awaken From Ruin - "Oblivion" (Everett, Pennsylvania)
10. Room On The 3rd Floor - "Singin' In The Sun" (Rome, Italy)
11. Gone But Not Forgotten - "Reaper" (Live) (Downey, California)
12. Angels Among Ashes - "Casting Shade" (Columbia, South Carolina)
13. Bad Llama - "Paint In Sound" (Burton On Trent, UK)
14. Malevolents - "Dead To Rights" (Nanaimo, Canada)
15. The Face Of Ruin - "Beyond Life" (Warwick, United Kingdom)