-Interview- Dawn Vally (9/15/17)

Dawm Vally talks about their newest music video, favorite tracks to play live and much more.


From: Toronto, Canada
Sounds like: Metal

1. Your new music video for "Diluted" just came out, tell us a little about how the music video concept came about.

Thank you, we're actually really proud of this one but we honestly didn't have a clue as to what to do for the video. So when it came to the concept we took what the song was about and the guys over in Trenches went to the races, so to speak.

2. What was the music video shoot like and who directed it?

Honestly really tough, had some bumps in the road but we got back on track quick time and killed the shoot. Like for example when we first got to the rehearsal space, we booked the wrong size room so we had to work with it. You can give all the thanks to Alex McFarland and his crew in Trenches Media Inc. they are the shit.

3. You guys have always been playing lots of live shows. What's a show memory that always sticks out?

Here's 2 both involving our drummer Joe Nail and both within a year. First we're headlining, last song last breakdown killing it people loving us and right at the end of the song he pukes all over the kit and stage and someones else's kit, was pretty metal to say the least. Second, same deal headlining last song last breakdown, he catches his knuckle or the inner finger part close to the knuckle on the side of his snare and gashes himself all huge like and starts bleeding all over the place.. We go hard in Toronto lol.

4. Is there new music on the horizon for you guys?

Yes most definitely!!

5. What's a trend in the Metal genre that you wish would just go away?

Auto tune singing, I mean grow some balls.

6. Are there any bands you'd recommend people check out?

Reflections, not local but amazing. More local, Drag The Lake, Die Hex, Falsifier and CREATURES.

7. What's a pre-show ritual you have?

Coffee, stretching and weed lots and lots of weed lol.

8. Out of all of the tracks on the "Still Bleeding" EP, which are your favorites to play live? Which get the best crowd response?

"That Sloppy Girl You Once Knew" because people always go nuts and "It's Like, Getting A Rabbit Off Your Back", just got that bounce.

9. What's next for Dawn Vally?

Well you didn't hear it from me but you might see another music video around the corner.

10. Any shoutouts?

Hell yea, go show some love to Atomic Tomb.