-Interview- Abyssic (2/22/21)

Abyssic talks about their Doom Metal sound, the Norwegian Metal scene and much more.


From: Norway
Sounds like: Funeral Doom/Death Metal

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Abyssic" and is there any meaning behind it?

ABYSSIC is a unique symbiosis of atmospheric approaches in funeral death/doom, with black and prog influences. The signature is enhanced by orchestrations with Mellotron, Minimoog and Upright Bass. ABYSSIC is a result of a collaboration between Memnock (Susperia), Elvorn (Susperia) and André Aaslie (Funeral, Images At Twilight, Gromth & Profane Burial) and together with Asgeir Mickelson (Ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn) they recorded the debut album 'A Winter's Tale' in February 2016 (Osmose Productions). Later in 2016 Tjodalv (Susperia, Ex-Dimmu Borgir, Old Man`s Child) and Makhashanah (Henriette Bordvik) (Asagraum (Live), Ex-Sirenia) joined ABYSSIC, and together with Memnock, Elvorn and Aaslie they bring you the ABYSSIC darkness. The Abyssic is taken from Sigmund Freuds quote :if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

2. What do you want people to take away from your music?

We want people to really feel the music , and also be able to meditate and go into a deep awaking meditative sleep. We want people to really feel our music in a deep profound way. Abyssic is like a fine bottle of wine, you need to let it mature, taste it, let the wine take all your senses and bring you to an orgasmic exploitation of taste and emotions. Music is the universal language of mankind.” “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.”

3. How would you describe your sound to the average listener?

Orchestral funeral death doom, with prog twists and black influences .

4. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

My dying bride, Ahab and Esoteric.

5. How has Covid affected what you do as a band?

Not being able to tour or play live , lost a lot of money. We also didn't get to meet and finish the album as planed , but now where going to get it done asap.

6. What’s your take on the current state of Doom Metal?

Doom is up coming and the bands grow bigger every day. I think that it will soon have its renaissance.

7. What’s the current music scene like there in Norway?

Norwegian doom metal scene is at the moment not at its biggest, but having some really good bands from here I think it will change soon. Black metal is currently the biggest music scene here in Norway.

8. What’s your take on the royalties that streaming services pay out to artists?

Its totally unfair, we work hard as hell to be able to get the ends to meet but now adays the streaming services take all the money and almost give nothing to the bands. This is not the way it should be.

9. What’s next for Abyssic?

Next now is to finally be able to meet as a band and start to record our opus nr 3 , we are done with the preprod and also the cover is finished.

10. Any shoutouts?

If you haven't checked out Abyssic yet please do. Abyssic opus3 soon to be recorded !!