-Interview- Sinnrs (4/14/21)

Sinnrs talks about their Orchestral Death Metal sound, upcoming plans and much more.


From: Denmark
Sounds like: Orchestral Death Metal

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Sinnrs" and is there any meaning behind it?

Sinnrs began a long time ago, under other names. At that time we weren´t ready to pursue the music, like we are now. One thing I´ve learned - you can´t battle destiny! So in the summer of 2017 we decided to wipe the slate clean and begin from scratch. I was deep into filmscores - still am! And composing orchestral music have always been one of my desires. We have used it in other projects, but first up till "It calls me" on Profound I truly understood - I needed to use orchestrals so much more. And when "Lift my bones" was composed - there was no doubt, that this should indeed be a grand part of the SINNRS universe.

The name SINNRS came to me before we decided to drop the other band. It was a clear sign for me, to begin anew. Fortunate that Maestus agreed with me. So soon after we began working on, what should end up and be SINNRS first album - Profound. The name SINNRS I´ve come up with, from the Theology of Martin Luther: Simul Justus et Peccator. Roughly translated to: "Just yet sinner". And delibrately not including the E, in the name - keeping it nordic!

2. What do you want people to take away from your music/ and how would you describe your sound to the average listener?

Orchestral Blackened death metal. Or as we prefer to call it: Pure Dark Matter. Well it´s extreme metal. But I can say - it´s very paramount if you want to get the best out of SINNRS music, I recommend you listening painstakingly to the songs. There´s a lot of layers.. And you only hear them, if you truly commit youself to the music. We don´t sound like other bands. If you truly listen to us - you´ll hear that we don´t. And this is what people also are telling us, and that means a lot to us!

3. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Let´s pretend they still exist...1. Type O Negative - Maybe not "the exactly same genre", but I know it would be tons of fun. And I would enjoy every fucking night, having a talk about music with Peter. 2. Behemoth - love the creativity. Truly impressive live shows! I could just imagine a awesome evening with SINNRS and Behemoth. 3. Any metal band who desire to perform - SINNRS would gladly share the stage with.

4. How has Covid affected what you do as a band?

We have definitely felt it, regarding live events. Besides that, we have used the time - composing for the next release and working.

5. What’s your take on the royalties that streaming services pay out to artists?

There is part of me which think it´s a briliant invention - streaming. But when I look at it from the musicians aspect - I honostly hope the fucking thing would burn down to the ground. I mean, knowing for a fact how much time, you put into music... not the biggist hourly rate. However - you can´t stop progress and music has never been so easy to locate. But I think people would take much more ownership of the bands/music, if you only could get Tapes, CD´s and vinyl, in general.

6. What’s next for Sinnrs?

New material is being mixed and mastered as we speak by studio Hertz in Poland. Working on third album.

7. Any shoutouts?

YES!! Thank you to all who supports SINNRS! We hope to see you all. AVE PECCATOR!