-Interview- Weight of Emptiness (8/23/21)

Weight of Emptiness talks about their award winning accomplishments, upcoming plans and much more.


From: Santiago, Chile
Sounds like: Avant-garde Death Metal

1. How's things with the band? What's new?

The guys and I are very good, active and on the move, and as a band we are still working on promoting our second album “Conquering the Deep Cycle”, we have been preparing the release of the third single from the album, so we will be delivering a surprise soon.

2. How's it been going through COVID and all of the restrictions?

Here in Chile, the pandemic has kept us locked up, fortunately we have not suffered from the deaths of close relatives, due to the same restrictions during 2020 we could not do much live promotion, however we have done the promotion with online shows, on the other hand, This motivated us to compose new material, as I tell you, we haven't stopped doing things.

3. You guys recently won an award, what was it for?

That's right, in February of this year, we had the honor of winning, in the category of best extreme metal album, the Escuchar Awards (awards for Chilean music), which was for the band an injection of encouragement and desire to continue with our musical career, of course all this dedicated to the people who have always supported us.

4. What can you tell us about the new music?

We are very internalized in what will be our third full length, to be able to obtain a better result to the previous works, and that is why we are counting on the professionalism of producer Richard Iturra, and together with the whole band we are analyzing all the tracks that it will contain this new material, in other words, we are making the prosody of the new music.

5. What have you been listening to lately?

Personally, Jano Ruiz (vocalist) introduced me to the Hungarian band Thy Catafalque, and I find it excellent, and from the bands I already know, I'm listening to Utgard by Enslaved, Emperor of Sand by Mastodon, Virus by Haken and of course waiting for Iron Maiden Senjutsu. On the other hand, I'm listening to Dua Lipa's Tiny Desk (Home) Concert which I love.

6. What's your favorite aspect of live shows?

Ufff, I like everything about the live performances, the preview, getting together with friends, enjoying other bands, displaying your being on top of the tables, getting excited when I see people singing your songs. It is really impressive how I like the day of the live show.

7. You guys have live streamed during the pandemic, what's your thoughts about streaming?

This type of transmissions has brutally helped us and the other bands to stay in the metal circuit in America and throughout the world, the pandemic forced us to reinvent the industry, and this was the best way to be able to to reach people who might never be able to see us in a live show.

8. What's your upcoming plans?

Always unbreakable, working for everyone to listen to new material from the band, and later be able to manage some visits to our country and the rest of the world, for the moment I invite you to get our albums and merchandising of the band at weightofemptinessgmail.com, And also remember to visit our official website www.weightofemptiness.com and follow us on the Fanpage and on other social networks, such as Instagram, Tweeter, Soptify, Deezer, etc.