-Interview- Holding Poison (1/19/22)

Holding Poison talks about how they developed their sound, the UK music scene and much more.


From: United Kingdom
Sounds like: Rock

1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Holding Poison" and is there any meaning behind it?

We both have been in and around music since we were teenagers or slightly before. we’ve both had years of playing and finding new artists who have helped to develop our individual sound and now we are trying to bring our own styles together for Holding Poison!

The name was a weird one, We spent probably 2 weeks going through different names. One night Matt was reading through a music article and saw the new Foo Fighters track listings and there it was ‘Holding Poison’. After a quick message to Jack, we thought it sounded cool so stuck with it!

2. What do you want people to take away from your music?

If people find enjoyment in our music then that’s great! We love making it, so from our side, we will continue to keep throwing out songs!

3. How would you describe your sound to the average listener?

It's guitar music in a nutshell. We try and keep it exciting by throwing harmonies in, intense drum fills, and obviously layers upon layers of guitar parts.

4. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Matt: Foo Fighters, Biffy, and maybe Sam Fender.

Jack: Matt’s hit the nail on the head there I reckon

5. How has Covid affected what you do as a band?

It hasn’t stopped us too much as we mainly have been focusing on recording the past year. obviously doing shows has been a bit tricky since you don’t know if you might have to cancel them. With that in mind, we held out for a bit until we knew for sure that it was that little bit safer and the chance of postponing was lower. On a whole, we’ve managed to keep busy!

6. What’s your take on the current state of Rock?

It’s still alive and bands are still breaking through, if anything it feels like we are hearing more guitar-based music now than what we did 5/6 years ago.

7. What’s the current music scene like locally there in the UK?

Bands are always popping up, doing your own music is tough as you definitely don’t start it to make money. But with us being just outside London, you do get some overflow of bands which keeps the local scene very much alive!

8. What’s your take on the royalties that streaming services pay out to artists?


9. What’s next for Holding Poison?

We’ve recently released a single called ‘ destination, Same old’. The next thing on our agenda is to start work on some new music. You guys will get to hear at some point this year!

10. Any shoutouts?

The only thing to shout about is if you haven't - go check out our music!