-Interview- Minority (8/24/22)

Minority talks about their new music, upcoming plans and much more.


From: Slovakia
Sounds like: Rock/Punk

1. What's new with The Minority?

Right now, the band is on tour with concerts around Central Europe. Couple weeks ago we have released a fresh new single called “Let It Be Sunday” supported also by video. It’s a straight-forward punk rock song about how it feels so bad to get up early on Monday morning, when the entire working week is ahead of you and the weekend is so far away. This tune comes from the new music material recorded this winter. Now we stick to the plan to release a new song every three or four months to feed our fans with a new stuff on regular basis. At the end of May, we released also one song in Slovak called "Duch rebelov" which got absolutely great response from our fans in Slovakia and Czech Republic. So right now, except releasing new music, it’s all about touring.

2. What do you want to achieve with the new music?

We want to reach even more fans with these new songs and get more attention also from the people in the music business. As mentioned before we want to put out new song every third of fourth month and this way keep constant attention from our fans and new potential fans.

3. What's the concept behind the cover art for the new music?

We decided for now to do the cover art ourselves. The creation of cover art starts always with some moment from the video of the new song. Then to this moment, which acts like the main background picture for the cover art, is added collage of pictures of band members taken also from the same video. So, it’s quite simple.

4. How's the local live music scene been?

Our local music scene has been born again after these two pandemic years. It was not easy to start again after such tough times for many rock festivals, but the people came and together with the bands made all these events truly unforgettable. It was really hard for our band to get a slot at some of these festivals, as they had bands booked two years ago and there was very little space for us to fit into the line-up. We strongly hope that the things are gonna get better for us in the next year, and of course we wish the same to the entire live music scene.

5. How does the writing process go with The Minority?

The writing process goes like this: Our frontman and main writing force Peter Jarabek usually writes new song on acoustic guitar. He always writes music first. Then when he likes the music and feels like that this new idea could be a good song, he starts writing the lyrics. After he has finished the lyrics and the basic concept for the song is ready, he records a very simple demo of it and then presents this new song to the rest of the band. Then we work on the song together bringing some ideas for drums, bass line, guitar fills or something else. So, in the end it’s always a writing process of the entire band that leads to the final version of the song.

6. Any thoughts on more music videos soon?

Yes of course. We want to make music video for each song that we plan to put out. So in couple of months, you can expect a new song and a video from us.

7. What’s your favorite tracks to play live?

It is hard to name only few because we like to play live every single one of them. But I would say it’s definitely “Unbreakable”, “Guess My Name”, “On My Feet”, “Enemy Line” and of course our new single “Let It Be Sunday”. Especially this new song has a very straight-forward punk rock energy in it. We enjoy it so much to play this one during our shows.

8. What are you currently listening to?

Speaking for myself, I’m currently listening to the new album by “The Interrupters” called “In the Wild”. For me it’s a real masterpiece and so far the best rock/punk-rock album of the year 2022.

9. Why should people check out The Minority?

Wow, that’s a great question. So, if you want to hear, how does a “California” punk-rock from the Central Europe sound like, then definitely check out our band. We have got some new music coming out pretty soon and we delivered every single ounce of energy into these new songs, so we hope you’re gonna like them. We believe that music gives you wings to fly away from the problems of everyday life and brings some joy and energy that we all need especially during these hard times. This is the main reason why we make music and we want to share it with all of you! So check us out on YouTube, Facebook or Spotify and join us on this thrilling journey.