-Interview- Across the Frostlands (6/8/23)

Across the Frostlands talks about their new album, the recording process and much more.


From: Norway/Italy
Sounds like: Symphonic Goth Metal

1. What's new with Across the Frostlands?

The main change is about the genre that from now on will be Symphonic Goth Metal. The consequence is that Lord Industrial will be producer, composer and musician, appearing occasionally in the vocals. Miss Distortion will be the main voice of the band, due to her experience in this genre. We are particularly excited about this change because we find it a much more attractive challenge. We are fascinated by the orchestral elements and the precision and seductive harmony of the symphonic music. Due to the use of drums and guitars especially, the interest of Lord Industrial for the field has grown. While Miss Distortion feels particularly comfortable and happy in this style because it has been her main inspiration and experience in music since she started. Now the band is ready to embark on this new journey!

2. What do you want listeners to take away from your "Drops" album?

"Drops" is an album that we created to celebrate the World Ocean's Day 2023 because the Ocean is the element that made life possible on this planet. The message of Drops transcends into both mental, supernatural and physical worlds. It's a journey through Atlantis, the depth, memories and fears, introspection and subconscious, and inevitably the ecology and the respect of our primary resource of life: the Ocean! We wish to our listeners a pleasant journey through the waves of this new album.

An important thing that we want to say about it is that it's mainly in the new genre Symphonic Goth Metal, and not completely because we consider it the gateway to the new style and the point of no return. From the next release on June 24th, with the single “The clock”, you will see the transition definitely complete.

3. How has the recent genre shift been? Has it been an easy transition from your previous sound?

Suddenly we realised that the voice of Miss Distortion can't be used in Industrial Metal and that it's much more satisfactory to listen to it in the musicality of Symphonic Metal. On the other side it's kind of a dream come true for Lord Industrial too because he has ever dreamt of finding a female vocalist for his music and surprisingly for him it has happened in this genre. This is due mainly to the fact that Miss Distortion has knowledge and experience in this field. Instrumentally it has been a big change from synthesizers and sound effects to the pure use of orchestral elements. It has also been a spontaneous transition that we felt both in the composition and in the vocals like something natural and necessary.

4. What's the recording process like for your music?

The first step for us in the creation of a song is to have the lyrics, so we know what to look for in the harmony, timing and mood of the song. By this way, we also have a clear idea about the structure that the song will need and the length. After that Lord Industrial chooses all the instruments that he wants in the song and then he starts to use his magic to compose something unique and full of sentiment. In the end we add the vocals and the entire process can take maximum 3 days of planning, composing and recording.

5. Who are some of your influences now?

First of all we are inspired by Within Temptation and a little bit by Nightwish. Other artists that help us to give more colour to our music are: Dead Can Dance, Sarah Brightman, Loreena Mckennit and Symphony X.

6. What's one thing you wish you could change about your local music scenes?

We would like to have a scene. Out there we feel a forest of shadows: no recognition, no followers, no real fans, no records, no radios, no attention, no interest. At the moment we are doing music for us and our cat Putchie. It's a little bit depressive and sad. We wish there where more possibilities of expansion and recognition for one's work as an artist here, but where we live the scene is dead.

7. What do you wish to accomplish for the rest of the year?

Success, to start to see our message spread around, to have a stable community of passionate fans, to finally sell some albums, to adjust our economical situation having the possibility to invest a little bit of money in better instruments and equipment. Definitely we don't need to touch the Moon to be happy!