-Review- Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road

Hilltop Hoods
Label: Obese Records
From: Adelaide, AU
The Hard Road
Release Date: 4/6/06


Track Listing:

1. Recapturing The Vibe
2. Clown Prince
3. The Hard Road
4. Stopping All Stations
5. Conversations From A Speakeasy
6. What A Great Intro
7. What A Great Night
8. City Of Light
9. Obese Lowlifes
10. Circuit Breaker
11. Breathe
12. Blue Blooded
13. Monsters Ball
14. An Audience With The Devil
15. Captured The Vibe

You may never have heard of Hilltop Hoods here in the US but you will. Their previous album "The Callng" was certified platinum in Australia. This album was certified platinum a month after its release and debuted at number 1 on the Australian charts (Their equivalent of Billboard). Which they made history as the first Australian hip hop group to debut at number 1. You will see why people overseas are rocking out and bangin to this CD.

From The opening song "Recapturing The Vibe" to the ender "Captured The Vibe", the beats on the album are all great and diverse. Th first single "Clown Prince" has a 70's porn beat with a chorus mixed with a Notorious BIG's sample. Some songs are more diverse than others.

The song "Conversations From A Speakeasy" has a jazz influenced beat that will bring up memories of Louis Armstrong. "The Hard Road" is a more serious song that shows the lyrical content of the group regarding their troubled past. There's really no fillers on this album. Any fan of hip hop will find something on this album that they will like.

Verdict -
If you like hip hop, check out Hilltop Hoods. They're coming to the US to tour this summer. This group has what it takes to hit it big here in the US. It's refreshing to know that there's hip hop groups like this still out there. The US needs hip hop like this.

Sounds like:
Gang Starr, Jedi Mind Tricks

Standout Tracks-
"Recapturing The Vibe"
"The Hard Road"
"City Of Light"
"Monsters Ball"