-Review- Legion Of Doom - The Incorporated

The Legion Of Doom
Label: Unsigned
From: Venice, CA
The Incorporated
Release Date: 3/6/07


Track Listing:

1. I Know What You Buried Last Summer (Taking Back Sunday vs. Senses Fail)
2. Dottie in a Car Crash (The Get Up Kids vs. Thursday)
3. The Quiet Screaming (Dashboard Confessional vs. Brand New)
4. Dangerous Business Since 1979 (Underoath vs. MewithoutYou)
5. Stupid Kill (Thrice vs. Alkaline Trio)
6. Destroy All Vampires (My Chemical Romance vs. Static Lullaby) (featuring Triune)
7. At Your Funeral for a Friend (Saves the Day vs. Funeral for a Friend)
8. Lolita’s Medicine (From Autumn to Ashes vs. Dead Poetic)
9. Icarus Underwater (Armor for Sleep vs. Hopesfall) (featuring Planet Asia)
10. Ebola in Memphis (Every Time I Die vs. Norma Jean) (featuring KRS ONE)
11. Devil in a Blue Dress (Coheed and Cambria vs. Senses Fail)
12. A Threnody for a Grand (Atreyu vs. It Dies Today)
13. My Holiday Burn (The Get Up Kids vs. Matchbook Romance)
14. Hands Down Gandhi (Dashboard Confessional vs. Sage Francis)

As you can see, this is a mashup cd full of emo/emocore artists. On paper, it might sound like a fresh idea, but it's very hit or miss. It all depends on the viewers take on the selection of songs mixed together.

The album starts off a little slow with mashups of Taking Back Sunday and Senses Fail. The next song between The Get Up Kids and Thursday isn't much better. The third song between Underoath and Mewithoutyou is when the CD starts to get rolling. Any fan of Underoath should be rockin this song. The song is very catchy and very groovy.

Some of the songs like the mashup of Thrice and Akaline Trio might put some people to sleep. The next song is quite interesting. It's A Static Lullaby and My Chemical Romance, the song goes on and is very good but then an element of hip hop comes in the form of Triane. Why there needed to be a hip hop element is something I probably won't ever understand.

Most of the songs on the album are the most popular songs by the artists. That's a good thing in terms that it will appeal to everyone and not just a diehard fan of the artist. Some combinations are just bad like Funeral For A Friend and Saves The Day sounds more like a techno song than anything. The song with Norma Jean and Everytime I Die is just chaotic just like the bands themselves. Ther song with Armor For Sleep and Hopesfall will make anyone dose off as well.

If you like emo or emocore at all you probably enjoy a few of these bands, check out this album if you do. There's gonna be at least a couple songs you will enjoy very much. It's at a limited pressing at 3000 but I'm sure you can download it at your local blogger.

Sounds like:
Emo bands smashed together

Standout Tracks-
"Dangerous Business Since 1979"
"Destroy All Vampires"
"Lolita's Medicine"
"A Therody For A Grand"