-Interview- Myfashionlove 1/6/08


Genre: Hardcore/Screamo akin to Secret Lives Of The Freemasons or "They're Only Chasing Safety" era Underoath
Interviewed on: 1/6/08
From: Cesena, Italy


1. What are your names and roles in the band?

Daniele Zignani – bass, Simone Bottacini – guitar & clean vocals, Giampaolo Ghirotti – drums, Alessandro Lucchi – synths & keyboards, Michele Bandini – scream vocals

2. How did the band form?

The band is born three years ago. Simone and Giampaolo started writing down some material and looking for the right guys to complete the line-up. They found out Daniele, who works in the same italian rock club where Simone works. Later .. a long research for the right voice, Michele joined the band and finally Alessandro was hired to complete the sound of the band with his fundamental contribution.
We’ve been playing around with our former hardcore bands for several years before Myfashionlove, so the birth of the band has been quite a natural process.

3. Being from Italy, how is the scene over there? Is there any plan to come stateside?

If you are looking for really good italian bands check out our brothers ShowStripSilence and Awaken Demons. In Italy there are a lot of great bands for every genre but what is still missing is a real scene, where bands can join their efforts to help one another come out from the underground. Everyone is doing his own business, there’s a lack of cooperation and this situation has become the perfect habitat for the backstabbers and their bullshits. We think that “less talk, more rock” could fit the italian scene.
Any plan to come to the States is simply an utopic dream, there are so many good bands in the USA that we think no one will be so crazy to set up a tour for us!

4. How did the name "Myfashionlove" come about?

The name came out when we realized that what we’ve been listening for a decade became all of a sudden “trendy” and “fashionable”.
The word “hardcore” started to be abused by people who doesn’t even know what is it about. We still have the same attitude as we started and some of us are still believing in a personal choice of veganism and/or straightedge ethic.
The name of the band is a taunt, it’s really sad verifying that nowadays kids approach hardcore music more for fancy hairstyles or trendy clothes rather than for passion and aptitude.

5. When can we expect the new album? Is it titled yet?

Simply expect the unexpecting. We’re still working very hard on the new songs and everyday someone comes out with a good idea. We’re very proud of what it’s turning out to be.
We’ve pushed our efforts to a more personal and mature level and the electronic parts play now a fundamental role in the song structure.
The title will be decided when all the songs will be completed, we’re nuts about films, maybe a good inspiration will come from them, who knows...

6. Any good show stories?

Certainly it has someting to do with fog, cows, an angry farmer and running out of fuel right in the middle of nowhere at 5am. But it’s still our best kept secret...

7. What's your favorite song to play live and why?

Everyone in the band has is own personal choice, so there isn’t one song in particular.
Playing the new songs it’s for sure what makes us very satisfied, because they fit perfectly to what the band wants to express.

8. What's your take on music downloading/file sharing?

It’s mainly a matter of purpose. It could be a great advice for the bands to make’em more visible, to make new fans all over the world and to promote their music. But it still holds a very dangerous potential, undermining the little profits of the groundbreaking bands and their chances to succeed.
The power to decide if this will be an advice or an obstacle for the bands belongs to everyone who downloads or shares music. So we think that a sensible use of this power will be the right key to really help the bands.

9. What are you currently listening to?

We’re listening to a lot of different stuff. At The Drive In and Refused are still the main source of inspiration for all of us.
In the last months we’ve been listening to bands like Joy Division/New Order, The Smiths, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys and some more actual bands like Emarosa, Before Their Eyes and A Day To Remember.
By the way, we’re still impressed by Every Time I Die, Underoath and Alexisonfire such as the first time we listened to their music.

10. What's next for Myfashionlove?

We’re working very hard to complete all the songs for the new album. We’re going to record them in early 2008 and we are very excited about how will they come out.
Our future plans consist in finding a new label for the new record, and supporting the release of the album with an European tour.

11. Any shoutouts?

A great thank you to all the kids that support us through the web and at our live shows, to all the amazing bands we’ve played with and to all the guys who fed us and gave us a place to sleep.
You give a sense to all our efforts. Never give up!