-Interview- Behind Crimson Eyes 1/15/08

Behind Crimson Eyes
(Roadrunner Records)

Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal akin to Smugface or Bleed The Dream
Interviewed on: 1/15/08
From: Melbourne, Australia


1. What are your names and roles in the band?

Josh - Vocals
Aaron - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Kev - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Garth - Bass
Cam - Drums

2. How did the band form?

Pretty much how every band starts I think, hehe. It was the demise of some smaller bands that we were in at the time, and the love for heavy, energetic music, that brought us all together about 4 years ago. There's been a few lineup changes, but I think we're pretty solid with what we've got right now.

3. You guys are on Roadrunner, how did that come about and hows it been being on such a known label?

Roadrunner are amazing. Predominantly a metal label, yet their biggest artist on their roster currently is Nickelback, hehe. They're almost like a major label with independent cred.. basically. Our manager, who also owns our previous label, Boomtown Records, thought that it was time for us to move on to a bigger label in order for us to reach a bigger and broader audience. We met up with Roadrunner and pretty much knew straight away it was the perfect home for us. We've still got 100% creative control, and they've been nothing but amazing and helpful to us. It's an honour to be on a label that has so many other killer bands... Killswitch Engage, Slipnot, Shadows Fall to name a few.

4. You're playing the Big Day Out with Iron Maiden coming up, you guys hyped about that? How did that come about?

Big Day Out is gonna be pretty crazy for us. It's ridiculously hard to get on that tour, so to finally be apart of it feels like we've accomplished another goal. There's some mad bands playing too so it should be a fun week or so!

Maiden will be something else, haha. It's strange because we never applied or asked to be on that tour.. it was just offered to us. Naturally we were a little apprehensive as we're nowhere near metal enough to be supporting them.. realistically. But it's Iron Maiden.. how many times in a lifetime will an opportunity like this come along? Nobody in their right mind would pass this up, so we're stoked to be a part of it! Massive shows so no doubt we'll all be shitting ourselves!!

5. What was the inspiration for the "You've Had Your Chance" video? How did it go?

We pretty much just wanted a bit of a poker/gambling/mafia type feel to the video.. with a few hotties thrown in for good measure! It didn't quite have the effect we were after, and we weren't all that happy with the end result.. yet it's been our most successful video, strangely enough, haha!

6. Any good show stories?

You know the rules.. what happens on the road, stays on the road. :P

7. Any plans on coming to the states?

Definitely!! Can't wait infact. Once the new album comes out, and we tour it over here, then fingers crossed we'll get over there to do some shows!

8. What's your take on music downloading/file sharing?

Well personally.. I do it all the time. I don't really see a problem with it. You can find our album on any bittorrent site. If I really dig an album, then chances are I'll go out and buy it anyway. There's nothing quite like the real thing, with a cd case, artwork etc. A majority of the stuff I download I wouldn't go out and buy anyway, so nobody's really losing out. If your music's easily available, then more people are gonna hear it, come to shows, and hopefully buy a t-shirt or something. Merch is where the money's at, haha!

9. What are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to the latest album from Winger, entitled IV. For the record, I DID go out and buy it. Didn't even attempt to download that one. :) I've been very inspired lately by Guitar Hero Rocks The 80's, so I've gone back through my collection and pulled out the classics from Ratt, Winger, Maiden, Scorpions, Extreme etc. That shit will live forever.

10. What's next for Behind Crimson Eyes?


After the BDO and Maiden shows, we'll finish up writing the record then head in to record it. Fingers crossed it'll be out sometime mid year. That's all we're focusing on at the moment.

11. Any shoutouts?

A big shoutout to all our American fans! We get alot of love from them via Myspace, so we'll do our very best to get over there asap to do some shows for you guys!! :)